SME Fusion Radio

We are an online radio station based in South Africa. We strive to become your top choice in discovering new music with our music curators working around the clock to provide you with the highest quality hits

Breakfast with Baldy-man

Breakfast with Baldy-man is on Monday – Friday from 7am until 10am SAST Weather you young or old.. Happy or blue.. The Baldy Man has music just for you. Light hearted fun to make your mornings not so glum. Comedy at 815am.. Trying to keep it south African comedy. I do 70s at 7am 80s at 8am 90s at 9am and 00s at just before 10am..or at least i try stick to that. Funky tune Fridays has something special for everyone to brighten their day. Odd news and reviews everyday. Showcasing new sa bands and artists on a Monday

The Lunch Show

Show times are: Monday to Wednesday 12-3pm SAST Thursday to Friday 11am-2pm SAST, I love all types of music especially Rock and Metal. Apart from being a radio DJ, I am also a Music Magazine Editor and a Band Manager under the Fanbase Music Mag and band Managmenet Umbrella

Jukebox Jams

Every Tuesday and Wednesday between 6-8pm SAST. This show is mostly old school, featuring well and lesser known classic hits from the decades of the 60s to 2000’s with some up to date songs. Most genres are covered including Rock, Pop, Gospel even a little Metal and Reggae with at least 45 minutes of every show exclusively for your requests! There are also special slots within the show where I provide interesting background information on different artists and bands.

Evening Show with Jonothan Clyde

The Evening Show with Jonathan Clyde is a show of two sides; Side A is an Alternative set from the 1960’s to today. Side B is a selection of Indie, Alternative Folk music across the ages. Join me, as we journey musically through time, Every Monday and Thursday 18:00 to 20:00 SAST

SuperDarius with Darius

Darius, AKA SuperDarius, is a rock music fanatic. He has been since he was 4 years old. He respects all genres of music, but his absolute favourite is ROCK ‘N ROLL! All sub genres branched out the main genre of rock! He has a special love and appreciation for rock covers. He believes in playing quality music and making the world appreciate local and international ROCK music! The SuperRockShow is on Fridays, between 2PM and 6PM, SAST. Keep living ROCK ‘N ROLL

Mixed bag

Terry from Jukebox Jams and Jono from Evening show switching it up by playing quality music and making the world appreciate local and international music! The Mixed bag Friday evening 6pm – 8pm, SAST. Keep living ROCK ‘N ROLL

Bits and Pieces

Start your weekend the right way, It’s not your run of the mill show even the time it starts is different, join the Green Vicar for Bits ‘n Pieces Sunday evenings from 18h30 to 20h30. Go on I dare you Like a two year old on a sugar high, you never know what to expect on Bits n Pieces with the Green Vicar, Sunday nights six thirty to eight thirty. Warning it could be addictive Bio On the airwaves since Billy Idol had a whiplash smile and the Housemartins were enjoying their happy hour. The Green vicar, brings a mixed bag of music with a wide range of genres, on a Sunday evening, 6:30pm – 8:30pm, just for you because you need it.

Midnight Madness

Midnight Madness is brought to you from St. Louis Missouri. Formally as Midnight Madness TV. With the connections that Midnight Madness have with bands, managers, PR people, and record companies,Midnight Madness is able to bring the listeners mostly new rock/metal music some of which has not been released to the public yet, and it is a true honor to help up and coming bands, and give music fans some great new rock, so thank you one and all. Sunday mornings 5am SAST

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