TRACE is looking for South Africa’s next Gospel star!

January 20th, 2020

TRACE Gospel is looking to uplift SA Gospel Music by unearthing the next Gospel Star

In celebration of TRACE’s latest offering, TRACE Gospel on DStv channel 332, a 24hr channel dedicated to local and international gospel artists, celebrities, news, music videos and more, the channel is looking to showcase YOUR gospel.

“Gospel music in South Africa has always been focused on traditional and worship gospel, however that is just the surface. There are an amazing bunch of gospel artists who are underground or bubbling under who create hip-hop, rock, rap, acapella and even country inspired gospel music,” says Valentine Gaudin-Muteba, Managing Director of TRACE Southern Africa.

“Our channel, TRACE Gospel is an invitation and platform for these artists and all other local gospel artists to showcase their music and that is why we have launched the music video competition. To not only help show SA just how rich and varied gospel is, but to also open the genre specifically to the youth,” says Valentine.

The channel is giving you a chance to win a music video, of your best single worth R80,000 which will be flighted on TRACE Gospel next year. To enter the competition, all you have to do is submit your best single to and share #WhatsYourGospel

Entries close 31 January 2020.

For more information on TRACE Gospel or the competition visit Terms and conditions apply.

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From child star to Mr SA and Body building champion Michael Heyns is back on the music scene with a new single

January 18th, 2020

Musician, South African bodybuilding champion, successful entrepreneur: Michael Heyns’ life reflects that of someone who never stops dreaming.

Michael on “Droom”, the first single from his new album: “Tussen Hier En Die Kaap”:

“The fact that this song was chosen as the first single off the album is almost prophetic to me, because this release is the realization of a dream that I’ve carried with me for many years.

“The song kicks off with the lyrics (translated into English): ‘I see a light on the horizon shining from there’, and although the words are aimed at a love affair, it means much more to me than just that. For me it is a metaphor of hope. A hope your dreams will come true. Hope to know that the challenges and uncertainties of life are part of the journey. Hope you will be blessed to have loved ones around you who will experience this journey with you.

“My favorite lyrics of the song are (translated): ‘Engrave your name here on my heart.’ To engrave something is permanent. It isn’t something that can be undone or simply deleted.

At my age I’ve experienced the good and the bad of life and I am very blessed to have quite a few people whose names are engraved on my heart. They include my beautiful two children, grandchildren, friends and lady friends.”

Listen to what Michael is referring to by listening below


The Album – Tussen Hier en Die Kaap 

“The dominant theme of the album is all about love, sadness and then everything that can possibly happen in between. All of us have experienced setbacks, broken hearts and love. This album will take the listener on a roller coaster ride of emotions while it addresses the themes of love and friendship. The music was written and adapted by Harold Schenk and debut lyricist, Angelique Schickerling, managed to express the emotion of every composition sincerely and without any kind of pretence into Afrikaans lyrics.

Michael’s life journey

Michael’s parents loved music and exposed him from a very young age to the contemporary music of the time. He also displayed enormous potential and talent for singing from a young age, which resulted in him participating in school concerts, talent competitions, church events and Eisteddfods as part of his childhood norm.

Michael even participated during his high school career as a guest on a very well-known SABC TV program, Kraaines, presented by Carike Keuzenkamp. As a young man he then founded his own band in which he was both the guitarist and singer.

During those years, the South African music industry consisted of bands that were booked to accompany the various singers, due to the fact that backtracks did not exist. Michael was therefore fortunate to play and at times even sing in many of the bands as the lead guitarist.

It was as a result of this that he had the good fortunate to tour the country and shared the stage with many famous singers of that era.

Although he enjoyed it immensely, he began to focus more on his career in the financial sector and his music dreams had to take a backseat instead.

His passion for music however left him with a feeling of incompleteness in his heart and a few years ago he decided to realize his dream. He joined singer and voice instructor, Amanda Luyt, who in turn introduced him to music director Harold Schenk. Harold was, amongst others, responsible for productions by Coleske, Coenie de Villiers, Andre Swiegers and Danie Niehaus, as well as many other well-known Afrikaans artists.

Together they started working on a project which resulted in his dream finally coming into fruition. ‘Droom’ as well as the full album ‘Tussen hier en die Kaap’ is now available on all digital platforms.

About Michael

Michael was born and raised in Witbank. He studied B.Com through UNISA and graduated as an accountant. After a few years in this profession, he started his own business in the financial sector. Sport played a major role in his life and his passion for bodybuilding earned him Springbok colours and even the title as Mr South Africa. He also boasts a black belt in Taekondo and assists in training his son so that he can acquire his provincial colours as a welterweight boxer.

Michael is also a trained commercial pilot.

For Michael, bodybuilding, martial arts, aerospace and boxing contain the philosophy of endurance, discipline and perseverance as a common denominator. This philosophy has helped him in every aspect of his life and he attributes all his achievements to it as a result. He believes that one can achieve anything with this philosophy, no matter how old or what your shortcomings are.

On a personal level, he sees himself as someone who knows exactly what he wants and always strives for perfection. He is a very passionate person and lives by an ‘all or nothing’ mentality. He likes speed and has a weakness for cars and motorcycles. Michael is also a fan of nature and places great value on sincerity, kindness, compassion and strong family ties.

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