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  •  Offering customized in-house Trainings
  •  Offering accredited public workshops
  •  Offering Skills Programmes and Qualifications

We recognize that individuals are different and organizations are also unique, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to different individual, group and organizational needs. Our thrust is to become the world leader in our sphere.

Tashie Holdings consists of six independent business units, each of them to cater for certain specific business needs. Our thrust is provide all round business solutions. Our focus areas are: Training & Skills Development, Corporate Events Management, Total Facilities Management, Technologies & Telecommunications, Hotel Amenities, Fashion, General Supplies and so much more……..


Electron Haze is a small business that offers services in the likes of Company Registrations, Business services, Drafting/ Drawing & Design, Graphics Design, Web Services and more…

Established in 2018, Electron Haze strives to become the ideal medium to assist various businesses and individuals with extensive business needs. Electron Haze goes the extra mile with client needs. Having more than 16 years collective experience. We have noticed the gap in the market that needs attention to detail and in conclusion, we thrive on problem solving, assistance and bringing hope to new projects.

For all your plumbing and maintenance needs give us a call, one call solves it all.
All paperwork and permits is in place during the lockdown period.
We install solar geysers indirect and direct systems and it comes with a 10 year factory guarantee.


Favoured Plumbing