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Please consider this: For many years, each week, much time and effort goes into previewing, play-listing songs and preparing our shows. We do this, not for financial reward but because we believe that having put their hearts and souls into their music artists should be heard without jumping through hoops. However, doing so comes at a cost. To date we have been able to absorb that cost, but we are finding it more and more difficult to do so. To this end, and having resisted it as long as possible, we have added a donation platform and donate button to our website. It is not obligatorily and will no way prejudice anyone who chooses not to, however, we are appealing to artists play-listed and featured on SME Fusion Radio to consider making a small donation. Every little bit helps and if each artist we play-listed and feature would make just a tiny donation; it will certainly assist us in continuing to showcase the music we as we do

SME Fusion Radio streams Worldwide from their base in South Africa. Together with our partners in the UK, we have an amazing team of broadcasters, presenting shows from various corners of the Globe. You can get in touch with our management team directly via email:

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